Fancy a cuppa?

Brits drink a whopping 165 million cups of tea each day, ranking us in the top 5 tea-drinking countries across the globe! Often referred to in British slag as a “cuppa”, which is basically short for cup of tea. Here are some other definitions of “tea” in British society:

Soho Food Feast weekender!

Well that was fun! A whole weekend of pure indulgence sampling a variety of small signature dish from some of Soho’s best restaurants and bars. Not to mention the ‘guilt-free’ part since it’s all for a good cause to raise funds for Soho Parish Primary School.

Lina Stores: Made in Italy – Loved in Soho

Soho’s Italian history is still evident on Brewer Street where Soho’s longest standing Italian delicatessen continues to thrive despite changes to the community over the decades.

♥ Chipotle Soho!

We caught up with documentary filmmaker Dionysios Kostakis over burritos at Chipotle Mexican Grill on Wardour Street. Talking about his latest project THYSIA filmed in Sao Paulo Brazil (CLICK HERE to see Youtube page), the Chipotle-first-timer opted for a veggie burrito crammed with coriander-lime rice, black beans, fajita veggies, guac and hot salsa… His verdict?

Have your Biskie and eat it… In Soho!

So what’s a Biskie you ask? Think cake meets biscuit sandwiched in dessert heaven and da-da you have a Biskie! See all the tempting delights for yourself at the Cutter & Squidge cafe tucked neatly on Brewer Street.

Carybé: The Colours of Bahia in Central London

Just a short stroll from Soho, yet a world away from London, this summer the Embassy of Brazil offers the opportunity to capture the colourful delights of Bahia – home of Afro-Brazilian culture.

We’re out of the closet: My Soho Times rebranded!

It’s just over a year that a Soho resident had an idea to create a blog which showed Soho from the perspective of a local! Taking on board the gap in the blogosphere for a blog that links visitors to those who know Soho the best – My Soho Times is back; revamped, rebranded and out of…

Morning glory: the hot mess cleaned up

London Pride took place yesterday, and though I enjoyed the festive atmosphere in Soho I couldn’t help being uncomfortable with the amount of litter there was. The streets of Soho were paved with bottles, beer cans, take away containers and any general rubbish that should have ended up in the bin. Not to mention every…

My Soho Pride 2014

London Pride 2014 has come to an end, though as I’m writing this post at after 1am, I can hear a group of party-goers singing their lungs out “That’s amore…” Pride London might be over, but the Pride party in Soho has no indication to end anytime soon.